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OAF New York
February 29 – March 3, 2024
Metropolitan Pavilion
125 W 18th Street

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VIP & Press Preview:
Thursday, February 29th: 12–6pm
Thursday, February 29th: 6-9pm
Open to the Public:
Friday, March 1st: 11am-8pm
Saturday, March 2nd: 11am-8pm
Sunday, March 3rd: 11am-6pm

Wide Open Arts is dedicated to providing access to everyone. If you require assistance during your visit, please contact for more information.

OAF Curated Space
Expanding the Canon: 50 Years of Creative Growth
Curated by Tom di Maria

Beat Art Work: Power of the Gaze
Curated by Anne Waldman

Online Viewing Room (OVR)
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Image Credits
Courtesy Esther Pearl Watson


Aarne Anton / Nexus Singularity, New York, NY

Bill Arning Exhibitions, Kinderhook, NY

ArTech Collective, Bronx, NY

Arts of Life/Circle Contemporary, Chicago, IL

James Barron Art, Kent, CT

bG Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

Norman Brosterman, New York, NY

*Cathy Condon Gallery, Australia

Cavin-Morris Gallery, New York, NY

Center for Creative Works, Wynnewood, PA

Galerie Hugues Charbonneau, Montreal, Canada

Creative Growth Art Center, Oakland, CA

Creativity Explored, San Francisco, CA


Daniel / Oliver, Brooklyn, NY

M. David & Co., Brooklyn, NY

dieFirma, New York, NY

Alexander Dijulio, New York, NY

Dutton, New York, NY

Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York, NY

Elephant GalleryNashville, TN

Donald Ellis Gallery, New York, NY

Feheley Fine Arts, Toronto, Canada

Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Forest Grove Preserve, Sandersville, GA

Fountain House Gallery, New York, NY

Emilia Galatis Projects, South Fremantle, Australia

Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago, IL

*Hana Pietri Gallery, Chicago, IL

Hashimoto Contemporary, NYC, SF, LA

Hill Gallery, Birmingham, MI

Hirschl & Adler, New York, NY

Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, London, U.K.

*Indigo Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Kishka Gallery, White River Junction, VT

koelsch gallery, Houston, TX

Yukiko Koide Presents, Kyoto, Japan

LAND Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Jennifer Lauren Gallery, Manchester, U.K.

Galerie Pol Lemétais, Toulouse France

Lindsay Gallery, Columbus, OH

Joshua Lowenfels Works of Art, New York, NY

New Door Creative, Baltimore, MD

Nonprofessional Experiments, Callicoon, NY

North Pole Studio Portland, OR 

Northern Daughters, Vergennes, VT

The Pardee Collection, Iowa City, IA

Portrait Society Gallery of Contemporary Art, Milwaukee, WI

Steven S. Powers, New York, NY

Project Onward, Chicago, IL

Pure Vision Arts, New York, NY

PULP, Holyoke, MA

Margaret Bodell/Revival Arts, MIlford, CT

Ricco/Maresca, New York, NY

Galerie JP Ritsch-Fisch, Strasbourg, France

The Ruffed Grouse Gallery, Narrowsburg, NY

SAGE Studio, Austin, TX

Shelter Gallery, New York, NY

SHRINE, New York, NY

Solway Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

Stellarhighway, Brooklyn, NY

Stewart Gallery, Boise, ID

Wilsonville, East Hampton, NY

Winter Works on Paper, New York, NY

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Raw Vision

*OVR Only Exhibitor

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