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OAF Curated Space

Anne & Julien

HEY! modern art & pop culture (quarterly art magazine, published by Ankama/619)

Paris 2014

OAF Curated Space


Our magazine HEY! modern art & pop culture, presents vestiges of both outsider and underground works as major artistic expressions. Transported by our passion for art forms that have broken free from the norm, each of our editions offers an alternative to mainstream culture.  For this year's second edition of the Outsider Art Fair Paris, we will transform the lobby of Hotel Le A with an exhibition infused with our tastes and inspired by the works being shown by the Fair's exhibitors. The exhibition, "Beyond the Pages," is driven by our affinity for artworks that resist integration and whose vitality transforms the everyday into the extraordinary.

"Beyond the Pages" is designed as if it were an ephemeral edition of Hey! - part amateur's studio and part cabinet of curiosities. Getting up close to each work, one can savor its distinct and discrete details amongst the apparent chaos of its immediate surroundings. The imaginary realm of the artist becomes a safe haven for the viewer.  With its peculiar layout, the selected artworks become a naturalia of contemporary outsider art.

We have also invited Mexican-American painter Daniel Martin Diaz, who shows with Galerie Toxic, to perform and play the theremin with his partner, Paula.

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